The past week our family experienced a supernatural miracle!

On Friday my dad collapsed and was rushed to the nearest hospital and the next morning he tested positive for Covid-19 and was moved to ICU and placed on ventilators. My dad is also diabetic and had a heart bypass 3 years ago.

The specialist said my dad fell into the Cytokine Storm of this virus which is very dangerous for his organs, and his lungs suffered severely.

Days went by with no signs of improvement.

The specialist called and told us that the machines and ventilators were the only thing keeping my dad alive and his bladder and digestive system had shut down... The specialist said we had to start thinking of possibly turning off the machines, that were keeping my dad alive...

Monday morning, we took communion with Pastor At Boshoff and the Holy Spirit completely took over!! By 2pm the next afternoon the specialist called my mom explaining there had been a massive turnaround in my dad’s condition, and further explained that my dad’s body is clear of the virus!!!

all glory to Jesus

We are in total AWE of our Almighty God who turned the situation around! It is an absolute miracle!!! Thank you to our Pastors, our church, family and friends for praying and believing with us for a miracle!

"We prayed for healing and declared Psalms 91!"

I experienced Covid symptoms three weeks ago and couldn’t smell or taste so I decided to go and test. The results came out positive, in the days that followed I experienced most of the Covid symptoms including body aches. I participated in prayer and communion with Pastor At. My zone pastor and leaders would pray with me during our weekly zoom homecell. We prayed for healing and declared Psalms 91 over me and my family, we fasted from social media and TV and focused only on the word. Being a diabetic and also asthmatic God healed me, against all odds! The past week has been a shock to my doctor as all my symptoms left my body, no aches or pains, I can taste and breath perfectly! My whole family also tested negative. God is good!

"I’m fully recovered!"

I tested on the 15th of June and on the 17th June I got the results that I was tested positive for Covid-19. I was then taken to Medi Clinic cause I was having general body weakness, dry cough, loss of taste and smell. I was admitted for 3 days then I was discharged and went to BNB for 14 days quarantine. Every day I got better. I'm fully recovered now. I thank God for His Grace and Mercy. I am healed in the name of Jesus !

"I am now Covid-19 free!"

A few weeks back I started getting intense headaches and began having shortness of breath, fatigue and lost all sense of taste or smell. One day I was fine and the next I couldn't get out of bed, it was then that I decided to get tested and received the news that I have COVID-19. I immediately isolated myself and reached out to my zone pastor, and homecell leader who then began praying for me and checked up on me daily, making sure I took my medicine and tracked my progress. I am confident that if it was not for the support I received from CRC, the hope I received from the sermons from pastor At Boshoff encouraging me to speak the Word and the prayers I received from my homecell I would not have made it this far and I can now say that after a cruel ordeal with this disease I am now Covid-19 free! Glory be to God. I would like to thank Pastor At Boshoff for the wonderful messages every Sunday that kept my faith in God strong during this time! God bless!

"The results came back negative!"

On the 30th of June 2020 I received a call from my mother informing me that my father had tested positive for Covid-19… this sent me into panic mode. I was overwhelmed and confused as to why this is happening! My homecell sent me a voice message praying for my father, declaring healing. This gave me confidence and assurance that God is in control! I also started declaring over my father that “No weapon formed against us shall prosper”. Shortly afterwards my father had to go for a second test and the results came back negative! We give all the Glory to God! So grateful to Pastors At and Nyretta Boshoff for leading the way and always encouraging us to put our hope in Jesus! Thank you to the CRC family for standing in the gap for us and praying over our families!

"I knew God’s protection was over my life"

I want to thank God for His protection over my health and my life. It's not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord that I managed to stay healthy and uninfected whilst I was in an environment where everyone was falling ill. Most of the people I'm around for more than 8 hours every day of the week tested positive for Covid-19. When they made me aware of their status I got scared. I fought against my doubts and the feeling of uncertainty about my own safety. After I got tested I believed that I had to remain positive and declare myself negative before I even received my results. I prayed to God for the safety of those around me as well! In the evening when I received my results stating that I was negative, I knew God’s protection was over my life and guarded me from the virus. I pray for God's continued protection over my life because only through Him will I be able to continue to live without fear. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for He is with me!

"Declaring Psalm 91"

I am a health worker and part of the team that does door to door COVID-19 screening at clinics and hospitals. I remember when Pastor At Boshoff said we should declare Psalm 91 over our lives I decided that I would daily pray and I apply the blood of JESUS every morning during the 6am devotional sessions before going to work. We worked seven days with no rest but God protected us. On 10th of July 2020 three of my other colleagues tested positive for Covid-19, but due to God's grace I tested negative. He is always with me every step I take, I say trust in the Lord and He will direct your path. But do not forget the precautions: wash your hands, put on your masks and sanitize and God will do the rest!

"CRC Online 6 AM prayer was my life line"

I tested positive for Covid on the 28th of May and I’m still in self isolation Being diagnosed with something the world scientists are trying to figure out can be scary if you don’t have God by your side. I’ve found that during this pandemic CRC has helped me grow not only spiritually, but encouraged me to grow mentally. The morning prayers on the CRC online platform really helped me and kept me going. Not only the prayer but being given the opportunity to look outside of myself and feel connected. I’ve had 3 major strokes in my lifetime. The first my mom was told I had a 40% chance at life. The second after an emergency surgery and a lot of complications. And the third which ultimately caused me to have a disability. During this time there were days I couldn’t speak and I remember that I would literally just listen and pray in my heart with the CRC online morning 6am prayer. There were some days I would be so tired and depleted that I wouldn’t want to get out of bed so I would tune into the online morning prayer and repeat it until I got the energy to wake up. Prayer is so powerful, this pandemic has definitely imprinted that in me and has caused a revival in me. Praying with my family 5 days in a week has definitely helped me. Yes the world doesn’t have a definite answer to what is happening yet but my God has it. To the media team please keep on doing what you are doing. It’s been helping so many people. To Pastor At and Pastor Nyretta and all my leaders thank you for doing the work you do for God's Kingdom. Your work is helping me grow spiritually and is healing my heart day by day. Thank you for helping us keep our dreams and hopes alive!

"No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper"

I just had a feeling that Sunday morning, I might be infected with Covid19. I do suffer from chronic colds but the symptoms were different from my normal colds. I remember one Saturday night, sleep was eluding me. My body felt weird, I kept tossing and turning; it was as though I am coming down with the flu. In the morning my chest felt very dry however I was not coughing. I reported sick on Monday and only went back to work on Tuesday. That week at work they started screening us everyday, they gave us a self- screening sheet. And I must say during this time I didn't have any fever, my temperature was normal. For the whole week, I had the following symptoms: Loss of smell and taste, dry chest but not coughing and my body was sore. Protocol at work was if you had any of the symptoms on the sheet, you had to report to the sister (medical practitioner) at work. I went to the Sister and explained that it was now the second week with these symptoms prevailing. She then referred me for a test. Just a day after I tested, I started getting my sense of taste back, and I could smell some strong smells. I waited for a week for results and by the time they got back I was only left with coughing. I am thankful to God that I didn't suffer from other serious symptoms that I have heard of. I have been wondering why did God permit this to happen to me, and the answer is "No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper" and also to testify of His faithfulness. I am also thankful that my colleagues who worked closely with me tested negative and also my family members tested negative. God is good!

"Today I feel like a brand new person!"

I was able to catch this Monday’s Communion and prayer with Pastor At Boshoff and in a moment I experienced the powerful presence of God. I recently fell sick with pain in my lungs, struggling with breathing, having terrible headaches and body aches. Being a doctor I also had to test for Covid-19 and was negative. But I continued feeling unwell - I just kept going, getting up every day, praising the Lord for healing. It was quite a challenge mentally - but yesterday when I looked the Lord touched me! Praise His name! Today I feel like a brand new person! Thank you Pastor At for being Faithful and obedient to our wonderful Lord and Savior.