She Was Going to Be Aborted, BUT GOD!

“I was introduced to a guy who liked me and before we started dating I told him I would give him a chance if we agreed that we will not be intimate before marriage because I am a child of God. Even though he agreed he kept pushing me to be intimate until he finally forced me to do it… I felt so violated, but I stayed with him. What I didn’t know was that I fell pregnant. When I finally did a test and received the news he asked me to get rid of the baby. He wanted me to abort the baby, a procedure that would risk my life and kill another human being... I got so angry to the point where I wanted to destroy his car so he could feel the level of pain I had on the inside! But God told me that this is not my fight but His and God pressed on my heart to keep the baby... In 1996, 5 months pregnant, I had to move to Bloemfontein due to work. That’s when I attended CRC for the first time and heard Pastor @atboshoff preaching. God told me that Pastor At will be my father and that CRC will be my home. I fell in love with the church and I really wanted to be part of the church choir! A month later I asked Pastor At if I could join the music team and he said I should come audition after my pregnancy. Lesedi was born on 25 Dec 1996 and we stayed with my parents for 2 months. At that time Lesedi’s father saw her for the first and last time during his mother’s funeral! Till this day Lesedi does not know him! I started a new job in Bloemfontein and left Lesedi with my parents. I joined the Music ministry in March. I served every Sunday because I made a commitment however that meant I would see Lesedi only once a month. 23 years later and I am still singing in the team. From the start I was completely sold out and knew it was God’s call upon my life! I met my beloved husband, Pontsho Gude, in 2000 and he accepted Lesedi as his own child! Today Lesedi is serving the Lord in the Music Ministry with me, and we had the privilege to sing together during Revival Week. She was going to be aborted but God had a different plan. When I thought there was no way out He showed me the way! Thank you Pastors @atboshoff and @ngaretta_boshoff for being there for me and Lesedi from the start! Thank you for believing in me! All glory to God!!" - CRC Music Leader, Tsidi Gude

God is Our Healer! Nothing is Too Hard for God!

“I was on medication for a little while for severe headaches, exhaustion and lack of sleep. Because I was so tired, my immune system also struggled, so I had to take immune boosters and multivitamins. Even after my leave started, I was still in a lot of pain. I drank pain medication every day! I travelled with a small backpack that was my 'medicine dispensary'. It has now been more than two days without me taking any medication! I've also had sweet things, which I couldn't enjoy before because they would aggravate my headaches. I have been sleeping peacefully with no medicinal help for two days now! Physically I feel much better than I have in a very long time!”

God Will Make a Way, He is Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Our Provider

“I spoke to someone and I told her that I'm making plans to earn more money so that I can contribute towards the Umtata building pledge, but I was unable to think of an idea, but I told God I will tithe as I usually do, because that is actually Gods money, but that I will also pledge a certain % of all my money. As I checked my bank account the next day, there was a huge sum of money...I was shocked! My dad said it was an investment he took out long ago that paid out. So I gave my tithe and the % I told God I would!! I had to do it quickly before I changed my mind! If God can do this for me, anything is possible! Let's be givers, not takers and help God to expand His Kingdom!!!”

God is our Provider

"I'm writing this in tears! It is the first night of Revival Week and God isn't wasting time! This year, finances have been the tightest they've ever been, my bank account balance has been negative for months now and I've been praying for breakthrough! Before I tuned into Revival Week day one, I wrote down my expectations for this week, just like Pastor At told us to do. I woke up the next morning and I drew a line through them because God has already done it! My bursary has been approved and there is more than R10 000 in my bank account! God is so faithful! I'm expectant for so much more and I know this week won't end before all my expectations are met!"

Nothing is Too Hard for God

"I have been so scared to share my testimony! There's a lot of people who owe me lots of money which I borrowed to them. On Sunday evening Pastor At said we must write down exactly what we are trusting God for this Revival Week. I wrote down a few things and one of my expectations was that all the money owed to me will be paid back in Jesus name! I have already received one of the payments! I was amazed at how fast God works, He truly hears us when we pray! All glory to God!"

You are Never Too Old to be Touched by God

"Last night, I asked my grandmother if we can watch Revival Week Day 1 because they are normally not interested in tuning in for the services with me. At home, they are Anglican and do not support Charismatic churches.

We tuned in last night and she was truly connected and commenting on some of the things Pastor At was saying concerning apartheid and how the church should never be subservient to the government. She almost left before the altar call to make food, but I was interceding and begging God not to allow her to leave before it. Interestingly, when she wanted to leave, her one shoe wouldn't fit and as it delayed her leaving, Pastor At started with the altar call. I prayed the salvation prayer out loud and as I was, I glanced at her, and she was whispering the prayer too! I was emotional at that moment because I have been trying to get them to tune in and get saved this whole lockdown!

My maternal grandparents got saved about two months ago when Pastor At was preaching. Now my paternal grandparents got saved too, after a 5-month struggle! God truly works according to His schedule. I have been praying for my life to be a living testimony at home. I explicitly asked God that the way I conduct myself at home should glorify Him in order for them to want to connect with Him beyond a simple religion. "

Get Ready for God to Move! Glory to God!

"I was supposed to go back to my place today, but I got sick, so I stayed at my aunt's house, where my whole family is too. I turned on the TV and tuned into the Revival Week service and my mom, aunt and sisters watched too. During the service, my aunt gave her life to Christ! Someone in the kitchen called her and she responded "I'm praying!" because she was so involved in the service. My cousin was also watching intently and we all watched until the very end! I am so excited for the rest of Revival Week!"

We Might Be in Lockdown But Our Spirits Can Never be Shutdown!

"The first Revival Week service just made me realise how I’ve been spiritually unavailable since lockdown started. My emotions have been all over the place. I’ve somehow grown apart from God and in a way I’ve been distant. The service just revived my hope and relationship with God. It has reminded me of who I am and it has somehow restored me and kept me from backsliding."

If We Want God to Move, Then We Need to Move with God!

"One thing I learnt today is that as much as I can say I'm ready for this Week of won't benefit me or revive me if I only let God do the work by Himself. I should also be contributing towards my personal revival by being available, by showing up, by praying and being wholeheartedly committed to seeing Him move in my life!"