Pastor At has declared that 2021 will be a divine year of restoration. What is the key to your restoration? Many people try to find their restoration in worldly things like success, good deeds or relationships, always falling short and feeling disappointed.

Join us for our annual Christmas production as we celebrate the birth of Jesus with a world-class event and an intimate night of worship as you discover the only true key that will unlock the door to your restoration: Jesus Christ.

God has called each and everyone of us to help restore the walls of South Africa! How can we not be moved when we see unemployment? The pain and suffering? Children hurt and alone? How can we not be moved when we see mothers with babies asking for food?

Jesus was moved with compassion for those around Him everyday!

In the spirit of Christmas, partner with us and help us to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children during this festive season. We have a special Wall of Restoration that we are filling up with sports balls, which we will be handing out to the children in our local communities as part of our CRC Cares Christmas Drive.

You can drop-off your sports balls anytime during the week, leading up to the Christmas production.